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Author: Bob Bootn, OSD
Title: Outsourcing In-A-Box
Price: $19.99 (30% Discount from Amazon)
ISBN number: 0-9769125-0-3
BIdnesssBooks Publishing
Date of Release: June, 2005

Outsourcing In-A-Box

Outsourcing ...just the word conjures up several different meanings and emotions.

Job layoffs, fear and uncertainty about our economic future abound. With companies moving their manufacturing, software development and critical business processes to offshore suppliers, it has become "The Global Issue" of our time.

If your company is Outsourcing, this book is for you. You will learn how valuable tips on how to maximize your supplier′s performance.

If your company is considering Outsourcing, this book is for you. Learn how to get started, and how to pick the Right Supplier.

Get inside information on:
  • The Ten Commandments of Outsourcing
  • Picking the Right Supplier
  • Saving Money through Outsourcing
  • The RUSH to China...Pros and Cons
  • The Prime Directive of Outsourcing

Author: Bob Booton, OSD
Title: Ten Commandments
Price: FREE

10 Commandments

In the world of Outsourcing, there are some basic principles that will occur in every single project. These principles must be followed, or the chances of a successful project will be greatly diminished. With an apology to religion, we call these principles the Ten Commandments of Outsourcing.

Find out the important rules of Outsourcing. Read this and learn what every company needs to know...BEFORE you get started.

Author: Bob Booton, OSD
Title: Got Outsourcing?
Price: FREE

Got Outsourcing?

Outsourcing ...just the "word" conjures up several different meanings and emotions. With companies of all sizes moving their manufacturing, software development and business processes to Outsourcing Providers in far lands; this topic has become "the defining issue" of our time.

There are several things that have become very apparent over the last decade:
  • Outsourcing has gone Mainstream
  • Outsourcing changes Everything
  • Outsourcing is Not for Everyone
  • He who Outsources Best...Wins

So is Outsourcing a "Miracle Cure" or a "Fatal Disease" for your company? That appears to be the Sixty-Four Thousand dollar question of our time.

Author: Bob Booton, OSD
Title: What Suppliers Won't Tell You
Price: $9.95

Secrets Your Suppliers Won′t Tell You

Attention: Your Outsourcing Supplier is keeping Secrets from you.
  1. Secrets that cost you money
  2. Secrets that threaten the success of your project
  3. Secrets that can cost you your job

To be successful in your outsourcing projects, do your homework and review these topics to insure that your supplier is not holding back any secrets that will damage your project.

Read this now and gain the upper hand on your supplier. Don′t be handicapped in your negotiations. When you understand these secrets, you will achieve great success in your Outsourcing business relationships.

Author: Bob Booton, OSD
Title: Hidden Costs of Outsourcing
Price: $9.95

Hidden Costs

What you "Don′t Know...can and will hurt you."

Outsourcing is all about "reducing your costs." But what about the Hidden Costs? This is definitely a case of what you "don′t know...can hurt you." There are many different types of Hidden Costs to Outsourcing ...and you need to understand enough to identify and control these costs.

Hidden Costs are everywhere and they are affecting your company and project. Learn valuable insights to the types of costs. You need to protect your company.

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